Master's Message - April 2017


Prior to taking the oath or obligation during the Entered Apprentice degree, the candidate is instructed that Freemasonry was “established by wise and virtuous men with the praiseworthy design of recalling to our minds the most solemn truths in the midst of the most innocent social pleasures.”  Over the summer, I had the opportunity to gain more insights into these most solemn truths from two chilling books written by W.L. Wilmshurst of Great Britain, in the 1920’s.  His first book is entitled The Meaning of Masonry.  In it, he starts to explain the mystical, hidden meaning behind our symbolism.  The second book (just ordered from Amazon as of this writing) is entitled The Masonic Initiation.  Both books provide easy-to-read explanations about the self-actualization offered by our Craft.

Brother Wilmshurst provides a great interpretation about the spiritual meaning of Freemasonry to the individual Brother.  There are many lessons to be learned.  What becomes apparent to me, however, is that this self-actualization is obtained only with the strength and support of our Brethren.  Freemasonry is not an individual study.  You cannot build a temple alone, for the burden of placing the stones and timbers is far too great.  You need help.

Much may be learned by studying our Craft, but we can only progress in building our own Temple with the help and support of our Brethren.  Freemasonry is a Brotherhood of like-minded men.  Its lessons are best learned in the midst of the most innocent social pleasures.  We should be comfortable and harmonized with each other in order truly open ourselves to receive our wages.

We can read books by ourselves.  We can also read the ritual and lectures without coming to lodge.  And, we can contemplate their meaning on our own.  We cannot, however, fully realize the meaning of Masonry without the benefit of discussion and explanation from our Brothers.  Hopefully, you get this light from attending the Ocean Lodge communications.   You will get a deeper understanding by traveling to other lodges in our 17th District, or within the jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of New Jersey, and certainly by traveling to other jurisdictions.  We are told in the Closing of every communication, “Be Ye All of One Mind.”  To do so, we have to share our travels.

Glenn Cantor
Worshipful Master

Charitable Donations in memory of Asbury Jordan Lodge No. 142

Ocean Lodge No. 89 donates approximately $500,000 to various local charities in memory of Asbury Jordan Lodge No 142. In 2012 Asbury Jordan Lodge, formerly of Neptune Township, merged with Ocean Lodge of Spring Lake Heights. Under the leadership of Past Master's Adam Reich and John Fudge the two lodges became one under Ocean Lodge No. 89. The resulting merger provided an influx of assets from the sale of Asbury Jordan's lodge building and in the Spirit of Freemason's everywhere it was agreed that the best use of those assets were to give back to our communities through charitable donations.

The following charities are beneficiaries of these donations: the Danny Regan Foundation, K. Hovanian Children's Hospital, the Monmouth County Child Advocacy Center, the Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Troopers Assisting Troopers, the New Jersey Masonic Home, the Scottish Rite Children's Dyslexia Center, and Masonic organizations like the Shriner's Hospital for Children, the Tall Cedars and the York Rite.

Congratulations to Our 2017 Officers

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